Manitou Api: Where the Sun Rises

Feature Documentary

In the heart of Canada, Anishinabe elder Dave Courchene strikes up an unusual partnership with an architectural scholar, Frank Albo. At the center of this documentary lies a classically designed building in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Locals know it as the legislative building for the province, but Frank recognizes it as an homage to the legendary Solomon's Temple with its Ark of the Covenant.

Loaded with classical and esoteric symbolism, this Masonic temple goes a step further. It resonates Native American themes. Dave Courchene puzzled over the meaning and placement of some of his cultural symbols. But, upon meeting Frank, he begins to see a connection between the building and the spiritual teachings of his people and ancestors. He invites Frank to join in a ceremony and together a bond is formed that may help release valuable information to a new generation: a generation that has been prophesied as the new leaders on a path of peace.

At times mysterious, other times humorous, this beautifully rendered documentary takes the viewer on a journey with two unlikely brothers as they discover a prophetic message for peace hidden in the relics of the past.


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"Manitou Api - Where the Sun Rises, is by far the best Native American film I have ever seen."

Diego Mulligan, Anchor, The Journey Home, KSFR 101.1 FM, Santa Fe Public Radio

"Manitou Api is reminiscent of Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol, but with a decisive difference: It is true."

New York Times best selling author Larry Dossey, MD