SHORT FILM - "Sam Know Jack"

  • Directed by Andy Pickard
  • Starring Jeffrey Scott & Chris Valentine
  • Music by Extreme

Synopsis: Failed traveling salesman Jack, barrels down a deserted road in his car. He nearly plows into a mysterious hitchhiker. Regaining his composure, Jack steers back onto the road, only to get a flat tire. He pulls over to have a drink and the hitchhiker, a delude man who thinks he is a samurai, chases Jack down and takes his car.

This was only the beginning for these two characters; I imagined them as being unlikely detectives in a tv series inspired by the days of "Baretta" and "Starsky and Hutch."

Screened at The Johns Hopkins Film Festival as part of their "Magical Mushroom Hour" program(yeah, I know, it's a niche film).